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3 Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Suffering from “Imposter Syndrome?”

Well let me tell you my little secret… ten years ago when I first started offering entrepreneur coaching I was deathly afraid to coach anyone who had an MBA or told me they were going to pursue one.

I would freeze like a dear in headlights. No lie.

I had “Imposter Syndrome” BIG time.

Imposter Syndrome – the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.

However, as my commitment to my purpose increased, my confidence grew.

I started to acknowledge my double digit years of experience and knowledge gained from “Black Top University.” Plus, the thousands of dollars I’ve invested in business training with qualified experts, that may as well have been 2 years at somebodies college, was nothing to sneeze at.

I noticed a shift. I was starting to let my purpose and my genius lead.

My first client with an MBA was a woman named Tee Jenkins. She signed up for one of my membership programs and she would always tell me that she learned as much from me as she did at her university. For someone like me whose imposter syndrome was always nearby, trying to talk me out of my greatness, her compliments were a healing balm.

Then, my former client Ruthann sent me this lovely note. This was more confirmation that if you keep pressing forward, no matter the imposter syndrome or anything else that would derails you, your gift will always makes room for you.

“I just finished my final for my Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship class and I feel confident I did a good job on it.

Most importantly, my prior knowledge before this class all came from investing in coaching with my first coach Denise J. Hart.

Information on revenue, learned it from her. Information about marketing, learned it from her. What it truly takes to be a successful entrepreneur, the mindset needed, and so forth, I learned from her.

How to speak before a crowd (which I’ll be doing a Shark Tank style presentation tonight), I learned from her.

Mind you all I had no former business training prior to going into this class.

I was even able to teach another MBA student about branding and products/services from… Wait for it… Learning from my coach!

And now this class just took me to the next level. Boom! If you need a business coach, she is certainly the real deal.” ~ Ruthann McKenzie

Although I’ve gotten much better, I still have moments where Imposter Syndrome rears its head! So, today I’m sharing 3 tips I use to help me send it on its merry way whenever it does take a seat at the table.

3 Tips to Help you Combat Imposter Syndrome

  1. Keep an Accomplishments list by your work area. This list should contain things that remind you just how awesome you are at what you do.
  2. Use positive affirmations to boost your success mindset. Positive thinking is not arrogance, its like taking a vitamin. Let’s call it Vitamin P! Ex. “I am fully qualified to write on my dream television show.”
  3. Join a community of writer/entrepreneurs who aren’t stingy about celebrating others. Sometimes you just need to be in the right tribe where authenticity and support are more than just buzz words. 

Finally, if you’re experiencing “Imposter Syndrome” be encouraged and let your little light shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine!


Denise Joy LOVEs all things drama TV. I'm a binge-watching-deconstructing-story-maven. I've been a college professor and professional writer for 20 years, but I grew up in “O” town. No. Not Oakland, Omaha. Growing up in middle America was an idyllic experience. I grew up on the taste of welfare...powdered milk and government cheese. Along with my siblings I lived in 13 different homes from the time I was born until I was 17. The first being a low income projects nicknamed “Little Vietnam”, so don’t come for me! Learning how to outrun the eviction notice cultivated my love of storytelling from a young age. At 9 I published my fist poem and at 13 I wrote and shot my first movie, “The Chase” with my neighborhood crew at Tommy Rose Gardens Projects. People say I'm a master at reinvention. Just another byproduct of lessons learned from my vagabond/gypsy like upbringing. And for those of you that wonder if I’m spiritual, ratchet, bougie, professional or ghetto…please note, I’m mixed.