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How Money Can Change You…for the Worst

Remember the good old days when you were so eager to hit that six figure mark it was practically all you could think about.

Remember when generating $30,000 in a single month seemed like pie in the sky but you were still willing to reach for it?

Remember the beginning when you would hustle, grind and go make the donuts all in the same hour?

Well, there’s a dirty secret that I have to share with you. One that I’ve personally experienced and although I haven’t done any research, I suspect  I’m not the only one who’s ended up in this boat a time or two.

When you do hit six figures and you not only generate $30,000 in a single month, but in multiple months it will play a game with you. Your mindset will take a hit and at first you wont’ even know it.

This mind game will sneak up on you and then one day you’ll notice that you’ve stopped doing some of the meaningful things you did in those earlier hustle and grind months. You’ll start to take short cuts that would have previously been unacceptable. 

Basically, when you start making the kind of money you once could only dream about, you’re likely to get lazy and if you aren’t careful, you’ll also get sloppy.

Sloppy means real trouble.

If you’re starting to hit the kinds of numbers that make you less than zealous for the daily nitty gritty of entrepreneurship, I recommend that you do a business audit focused on setting new SWAG – Satisfy your Wildly Outrageous Goals!

 What new goals will fill you with that combination sensation of dred, excitement and apprehension and dopeness!

What goal will make you shout into an empty room “Dannnngg!!!!” followed by “I can do it!”

When you set new SWAG it may feel like pie in the sky, you know, unreachable, but you’ve been there before, right.

Think way back to when you first started out and there were a 100 things a month that felt unreachable. Well, you overcame all of those obstacles and you can do it again. I know you can, because you’re an entrepreneur committed to shaking up the status quo and helping humanity thrive!

The other thing that’s helpful for me is to hit another seemingly “pie in the sky goal.”

I like pie. Very much.

So now that I’ve got this out of my system, let me go see how close my pie is to being done!


Denise Joy LOVEs all things drama TV. I'm a binge-watching-deconstructing-story-maven. I've been a college professor and professional writer for 20 years, but I grew up in “O” town. No. Not Oakland, Omaha. Growing up in middle America was an idyllic experience. I grew up on the taste of welfare...powdered milk and government cheese. Along with my siblings I lived in 13 different homes from the time I was born until I was 17. The first being a low income projects nicknamed “Little Vietnam”, so don’t come for me! Learning how to outrun the eviction notice cultivated my love of storytelling from a young age. At 9 I published my fist poem and at 13 I wrote and shot my first movie, “The Chase” with my neighborhood crew at Tommy Rose Gardens Projects. People say I'm a master at reinvention. Just another byproduct of lessons learned from my vagabond/gypsy like upbringing. And for those of you that wonder if I’m spiritual, ratchet, bougie, professional or ghetto…please note, I’m mixed.