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TV Writing Coach: Teaching in LA in 2020

I’m so excited I really could bust! I’m headed to the sun and sand of LA in 2020!

Through a unique partnership between Howard University and Amazon Studios I’ll be traveling to live and teach and learn in Los Angeles for seven whole months. In my academic career as a professor at Howard University, one of the highlights has been serving as committee chair for the 2020 Amazon Studios/Howard Entertainment program.

During the program I get to bring my magic wand of brilliance and teach two courses in the creative track: Script Development/TV Production and Aesthetics of Theatre and Television. This program is a game changer! This opportunity will give the student cohort an authentic look “behind the black curtain” of the TV/Film industry and help them develop their skills and make the kinds of connections that will help them once they transition from college to working in the industry.

The focus of the program is to develop a pipeline to help diversify the executives that green light TV and film which I’m 100% down with.

On a personal note, I’ll be up-leveling my expertise in TV drama writing by taking classes at the world renowned Script Anatomy. I snagged one of only 8 spots to train with THEEE Aly Feltes, Co-Executive Producer on my favorite Netflix drama, Ozark! I’m also training with Zach Ayers from BET’s American Soul and Kevin Townsley.

I’ll share updates and plenty of behind the scenes over the next several months so stay tuned!



Denise Joy LOVEs all things drama TV. I'm a binge-watching-deconstructing-story-maven. I've been a college professor and professional writer for 20 years, but I grew up in “O” town. No. Not Oakland, Omaha. Growing up in middle America was an idyllic experience. I grew up on the taste of welfare...powdered milk and government cheese. Along with my siblings I lived in 13 different homes from the time I was born until I was 17. The first being a low income projects nicknamed “Little Vietnam”, so don’t come for me! Learning how to outrun the eviction notice cultivated my love of storytelling from a young age. At 9 I published my fist poem and at 13 I wrote and shot my first movie, “The Chase” with my neighborhood crew at Tommy Rose Gardens Projects. People say I'm a master at reinvention. Just another byproduct of lessons learned from my vagabond/gypsy like upbringing. And for those of you that wonder if I’m spiritual, ratchet, bougie, professional or ghetto…please note, I’m mixed.