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Lessons Learned from 50 Speaking Engagements

Over the past 4 years I have spoken 50 times or an average of 13 times a year. Yes, 50 times!

I’ve been looking back and cataloguing my journey thus far and I was shocked to see how much I’ve accomplished.

I remember in 2013 when I first joined the Global Leadership program with my former coach/mentor Lisa Nichols and she asked me a very important question. I was serving as her speaker support for the eWomen conference and we were in her hotel room and I was helping her get dressed for her next appearance on stage. She looked over at me and asked me if “this” is what I wanted. She gestured with her eyes at the room and the over all hustle and bustle “behind the scenes” of the speaker life. She was very focused and was looking me dead in my eyes.

I hesitated to ponder for a minute and then responded “I don’t know, I’m still gathering information.” She gave me a nod of her head as if to say “I completely understand” as I grabbed her shoes and we bolted out the door in a dead run for the elevator. “Cause she wasn’t going to be late hitting that stage with me as her speaker support!!!

That was August 2013. Fast forward to 2019 and I’ve graced the stage or served as live event sales and enrollment strategist or guest instructor 50 times!

I am deeply humbled by the appreciation I’ve received from the thousands of people I’ve helped to transform and move forward in their life and career. I guess you can say I created my own version of “this.” Most of it I’ve loved, but some things I’ve decided to shift to serve me better. The majority of those 50 engagements were not in my hometown so I saw the inside of an airplane quite a few times. Not one of my favorite places to be. In 2018 I took a much needed break to focus on my health and self care and I’m so glad that I did.

A few highlights from the past 4 years include:

  1. speaking at 3 Speak and Write to Make Million Conferences
  2. speaking at 2 Powerhouse Speaker Conferences
  3. speaking at 3 Act Like a Success conferences
  4. speaking on Blackademics TV twice and appearing on PBS TV
  5. supporting my fellow sister-preneurs with making a big impact and hitting their revenue goal for their event by serving as their Live Event Sales & Enrollment Strategist.

A few lessons learned include:

  • Schedule a day or two off after you speak so you can properly rejuvenate. Transformational speaking and training is a huge lift, which means you use a lot of energy giving to others.
  • If at all possible take speaker support with you. You want to be able to focus on the highest transformation producing activity and that’s your talk/training. You’re not being arrogant when you have someone to take care of your belongings, answer questions from guests and support people who want to buy your book or sign up for your program at your table.
  • Be prepared to improvise. Live events are unpredictable. I remember once when I was speaking at the WIN conference in Atlanta and everyone went over their time. I was supposed to have a 30 minute time block. I told the event host that instead of demanding I receive my contracted 30 minute time block, instead I would deliver my message in 12 minutes. Let’s just say I brought the house down!
  • Remember to nourish your body. Pack snacks and water or anything you need to keep your energy up. I used to have a bad habit of bragging that I could go XXX hours without eating or drinking because I was so focused. Um, that’s not the most loving way I should have been treating myself. Now I pack my snack bag and eat and drink throughout the day.
  • Lastly, take something from your home to put in your hotel room. Hotels kind of start to run together when you do a lot of traveling so a keepsake can really help to “ground” your space and make you feel a little less like you’re in a foreign land.

Suffice it to say that it’s been a heck of a journey thus far and I’m looking forward to what 2019 has in store!

As you reflect on the past and consider what you want to create for your future as an entrepreneur I encourage you to ask yourself if what you’ve created, your “this” is what you really want. If it isn’t, don’t be afraid to tweak, overhaul or even get rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve you. Those commitments that have a negative Lifestyle impact must go.

xoxo, Denise Joy, The Profit Professor

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