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4 People your Business Will Attract and Who to Pay Attention To

Hey there! It’s your girl, Denise Joy, The Profit Professor.

Today I’m sharing some valuable information that will help you market, sell and launch online…the right way!

Before I jump into the “4 Kinds of People your Business Will Attract – and who you should pay attention to”, let me share a quick story.

I believe in the fundamental principle that we all have magnetic qualities. Our thoughts and feelings attract and repel more of what we want.

If I’m having a bad day and my vibe is a little funky, not too many people want to be around me during that time. So, it would be foolish of me to be mad if people are giving me a wide birth even though I might want people around. You feel me, right?

Well, I when I heard or saw the statement “We attract what we’re ready for” I used to think that exclusively meant we attract all the good stuff we’re ready for.

Well, in 2018 I had one of the toughest experiences of my life. In fact, I took a hiatus from my business just so I could focus all of my energy on dealing with the situation. There was someone in my other professor life, as a college professor, who was being so incredibly negative towards me that I was utterly baffled and drained by it.

I remember asking God “Why Me?” and thinking that if I just treated the person right they would reciprocate that energy.

I kept wondering why I was attracting such negative energy?

Well, I finally realized that the saying…

“We attract what we are ready for” 

includes those people and things we need to say “no” to. Yes, those people and things we need to remove from our life. We’re always attracting all kinds of people, and we’re responsible for managing our own energy in any situation.

Although it was hard, I learned a ton during that period and was able to
return to doing what I love most with even more focus and passion.

Today’s Lesson

The “4 Kinds of People your Business Will Attract – and who you should pay attention to”

Perhaps you guessed ‘Buyers’ as the person you should pay the most attention to.

Of course, buyers are one of the 4 kinds of people you’ll attract to your business it you’re marketing to them in the right way.

But they absolutely are not THE MOST important person you’ll attract.

That probably sounds weird. Amidst my constant reference that if you’re an
entrepreneur you have to be fiscally responsible to your business… meaning you must make money. Hence, you need buyers.

Yes, that fact remains true, but here are…

The 4 people you’ll attract…

  1. Naysayers
  2. Consumers
  3. Sharers
  4. Buyers

Which one do you think is the most important?

First, let’s give this some definition.

Naysayers – they’ll always have something negative to say. It might sound
something like “That thing you’re selling works because you already have money… or… that thing you’re selling will never work for me.” Naysayers tend to have huge trust issues. They’re like a perpetual 2 year old. Don’t pay them any mind.

Consumers – rarely, if ever, buy from you. They will read everything you write. Participate in every challenge you do and consume every free opt in you can create. They get fat off of your information and typically have no clue as to how to turn useful information into good nutrition for their business. Many consumers burn out, but there’s always a new one happy to take their place.

Sharers – love you to pieces… unconditionally. Theirs a connection between you and them and THEY care about it the most. You might even be mystified by their behavior of sharing everything you post in social media, all of you offers and all of your articles. They become your viral ambassadors. They see you as valuable to the masses.

Buyers – most will purchase but they may not be a consumer or a sharer and absolutely they aren’t naysayers. They’re clear that you have the solution to their problem and they’re ready to get to work. They tend to be laser focused and want to get into action quickly. They don’t have time for oodles of sharing and they’ve left consuming behind once they realize it doesn’t work.

Here’s why you’ll attract all 4 of these people… because, at some point on the journey most entrepreneurs have been every one of these people.

The wisest coaches and entrepreneurs mature and take ownership of their CEO mindset, recognizing that despite whomever shows up, their job is to serve and offer opportunities for people to transform and grow.

Who should you Pay the Most Attention to?

So the real answer is you should pay the most attention to sharers AND buyers. Hopefully, paying attention to buyers is self explanatory.

However, don’t take your sharers for granted. Support your “sharers” with a cool demonstrative thank you, like a funny GIF or maybe go all out and surprise them with an award you make up, give them a t-shirt along with an honorary blog post on your blog.

Basically, I’m saying show them some love and they will continue to organically extend your marketing. That kind of love can’t be beat!

Now, get out there, shake up the status quo and help humanity thrive!

your sister in unlimited possibility,

Denise Joy
The Profit Professor