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8 weeks. Simple Strategies. Bigger Results!

A note from Denise Joy,

aw shucks, Its. About. To. Get. Lit!!!

Because you’re one step closer to simple strategies and bigger results in your business.

I’m Denise Joy, creator of The School of Profit.

SOP is devoted to helping entrepreneurs just like you, market, sell and launch your products and services using the internet the right way!

Point blank. Period!

Honestly, ten years ago when I first started out online (after 14 years of running successful offline businesses), I wish I’d had all the juciy-ness I’ve poured into SOP.

This is a personal invitation from my heart to yours to join me in the the 2019 class of my signature course, The School  of Profit. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re living that “Side-hustle” life and you want to grow your business, or you’re a seasoned coach, speaker and entrepreneur who wants to reignite your dreams, or perhaps a stay at home mom or creative person starting your Esty store… what matters, is everyone, including you, deserves to make a great living doing what they love and live a life filled with freedom, joy and prosperity.

 Everything I’ve put into my 8 week course has been tested and many others before you have proven that the strategies I teach, work!  

Throughout my career, I’ve helped thousands of women transform their life, shift their mindset and grow their business. I know first hand that starting and growing a business is a big deal. I know the difference it makes when you have the right PLAN and a proven STRUCTURE to guide you. 

When those things are missing you’re likely to drag your feet and delay your destiny. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Right?!  That’s where The School of Profit comes in. 

Its your incubator for birthing your dreams. Step by step templates, strategies and support. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top brands in the professional/personal development industry, like Lisa Nichols and Speak and Write to Make Millions, Abundance Now and 14K program, Steve Harvey ALAS Conference, Tina Lifford, Tiphani Montgomery, Bershan Shaw, Patrice Washington, Cheryl Wood, Cozette White, Nikki Klugh Designs, Chereace Richards, Jaida Moore, Vikki Johnson, Ilene Giles and TeeJ Mercer to name just a few. 


"Denise J Hart is one of the gladiators that I work with on an ongoing basis. When we're traveling the world and transforming lives we call on Denise. Her ability to lead and train our service support team has made a significant difference in our bottom line from year to year. She's a powerful soul. A powerful force to be reckoned with. I invite you and anyone you know to play with her in any way possible. Denise Hart is a sure shot."

Lisa Nichols

CEO, Motivating the Masses and featured teacher in The Secret

A little more about Denise Joy...

I’m known as The Profit Professor. I’m a veteran entrepreneur of 24 years. In those years I built a brand and ran two successful offline businesses serving thousands of people in the Washington DC area. 

I’ve been online coaching for 10 years and spoken, trained and taught from over 50 stages and platforms in the last four years. I’ve met and helped a ton of people and formed lasting relationships doing something I couldn’t have imagined years ago, helping people via the internet. 

Most of the highlights of my career have been intimate, working with women who’ve trusted me to help them birth their dreams. Two of the public highlights of my career have been being a featured product launch success story at Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Live and receiving the Rising Star Award from Lisa Nichols. 

Honestly, i’m just a girl from Omaha who loves to hug trees and people too and I’m determined to help women combine purpose with profit and thrive! ~ Denise Joy

Praise from Clients...

Registration Deets

Registration opens April 1st and the 8 week course begins May 6th. You’ll have weekly courses focused on simple but powerful strategies. 


At the end of 8 weeks you’ll join the “SOP Grad Squad” and you’re going to feel relieved that you didn’t drag your feet or second guess the best decision you can make for your business and your life, joining The School of Profit.

The course is designed to help you dream a bit bigger, be a little more dope, crush your comfort zone and go farther than you’ve ever gone before. 

I’m rooting for women just like you and I’m doing everything in my power to help you take leaps and bounds forward in your business.

I can’t wait to see you in SOP!

Oh, just so you know, our shout out is “Who’s down with SOP – yeah you know me” and the nickname is #SOP, for short!

Oh, before I go, you should know I got your back.

The pre-registration period will open to everyone on the waitlist…first.

Yep, you get first dibs to get your spot.

Ok, I gotta run. I’m out here in these internet streets shaking up the status quo and helping humanity thrive!

your sister in unlimited possibility,


It's Your Time!