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How to Define your Ideal Client

In today’s article I’m going to walk you through how to define your ideal client. You’ll learn 9 quick steps. 

If you’ve been searching the internet looking for help with how to identify your ideal client you may have heard a couple of other names used instead of ideal client. For example, avatar, buyer persona, MVP, target market, prospect, etc.
Well, they all mean pretty much the same thing… who’s your ideal client? 
Why do you Need to Define your Ideal Client?
After your business mission statement, your ideal client is the driver for everything you do in your business. Think of it like this, every action you take should be motivated by the needs and wants of your ideal client.
When you’re crystal clear about the identity of your ideal client your marketing and sales process will achieve the following: 

  • You’ll be more successful. 
  • You’ll hit the long and short term goals you set for your business. 
  • Your community and customers will be happier and will celebrate you
  • You’ll feel aligned with your purpose 
  • You’ll have more energy to do the work the business requires 
  • You’ll smile more! 
9 Quick Steps to Define you ideal client
Answer the following with detail: 
  1. Who are they – name you create, gender, age, location, describe their confidence and self esteem level, income level, occupation
  2. What do they like to do (behavior)?
  3. What are they struggling to overcome? 
  4. What main problem do they want solved ? 
  5. What are 3 – 5 pain points they’re experiencing because of this problem?
  6. What part of this problem are you able to solve? Part or all of it?
  7. Who are the people most likely to search for you based on your expertise? 
  8. Can these people afford what you’re offering? 
  9. Are there enough of these people in your niche to keep your business going? 
Write or type your answers in as much detail as possible. If you have your facebook page set up already, you can find most of this data in the insights section. 
Once you’ve jotted down the answers, take a break and do something else for at least 24 hours. The next day, return to your answers with a fresh eye and edit them. Add even more detail and also take out things that aren’t relevant. 
Next week I’ll share how to create the 2nd most powerful tool in your online marketing and sales toolbox… a lead magnet, which helps you build your list.
 To create a lead magnet that converts, you gotta know your ideal client inside and out. 
Create a folder in your computer that will hold everything that relates to your ideal client. 
For example, my folder is titled: “The School of Profit Ideal Client”. Inside the main folder you create sub-folders. For example:
  •  “Lead Magnet”
  • “Main Offer
  • “Prospect Pathway” etc.  
 In the sub folders you’ll put everything that relates to that sub-heading. 
For example, all lead magnets related to attracting and supporting that ideal client will go in that folder. The main offer for the ideal client will go in that folder, and so on.
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Remember, next week I’m sharing the step-by-step process to show you how to create the 2nd most powerful tool in your online marketing and sales toolbox… a lead magnet, which will attract your ideal client and help you build your list.
xoxo, Denise Joy 

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