"Denise J Hart is one of the gladiators that I work with on an ongoing basis. When we're traveling the world and transforming lives we call on Denise. Her ability to lead and train our service support team has made a significant difference in our bottom line from year to year. She's a powerful soul. A powerful force to be reckoned with. I invite you and anyone you know to play with her in any way possible. Denise Hart is a sure shot."
Lisa Nichols
CEO, Motivating the Masses & Featured Teacher in The Secret
"Denise JOY Hart is amazing! I received a REAL plan to execute around brand clarity, product creation and revenue streams."
Vikki Johnson
Soul Wealth
Thank you coach Denise for helping me to stretch! You pulled no punches teaching us to stay accountable and push past our fears.
Khadijah Ali
CEO, Khadija Coaches
Working with Denise, I went from being passive to a Boss CEO. She gives you the whole formula so you can't fail!
dhakeria little
CEO, The Naked Movement
I defined my niche and target market, published my book, increased sales, created a thriving Facebook group, and now host my annual Vision Board workshops. I now speak several times a year and I increased my belief of serving others using my gift.
Dr. Ali Griffith
product designer
After spending too much time trying to refine my message and figure out what I really do and how to get that across to my potential customers, Denise came in and saved me! I now run a thriving community garden and have appeared on national TV networks.
Rosalind Brooks
Community Garden Manager
"I love your leadership and direction Denise! It's so refreshing in a sea of get rich quick stuff out there. I've done more in 8 days since coming across you to move my launch forward than I've done in 8 months."
Kelley Monroe
"Denise helped me identify exactly where profit and vision meet. I now have clear description of my ideal client and a step by step strategy to secure clients!"
Lanitra Williams
CEO, Mama Swag
"My mindset has been completely transformed. I increased revenue, took ownership of my gift and increased my platform. I am so grateful!"
Marshea Chambers
Financial Services Plus
"Denise has the ability to get her head around your product, dissect it, and present it back to you in a way that leaves you wondering did I create the product or did she? That's just how thorough she is!"
TeeJ Mercer
Chief Noise Maker
I now have a launch and sales strategy for my business and I'm crystal clear about my target audience, all in just 2 months!
Yoli Tamu
I've not only grown my business more than ever since starting out 5 years ago, I've been able to grow as a person too. I now live with no excuses!
Ilene Giles
CEO, GSA Contracts Maven
Denise has a gift...how she expresses, teaches and shares herself has been a spiritual experience for me.
Carol Davis