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Social Media 101 with Kelly Hadous

Success is Nonnegotiable! reinvent. redefine. reignite. reconnect. realize your dreams! Join us for our powerful complimentary pre-conference training call series Ignite your 2015 Reinvention Strategy  If you're ready to make the kinds of shifts in your life that will deliver the results you really want, you CANNOT MISS…

What are you Dreams Worth?

What are your Dreams Worth? - Tips for your Reinvention Strategy  What are you willing to invest to make your Dream a Reality? Denise shares her insights on personal sacrifice. Connect with Denise at @motivationmama on twitter and Facebook at

Reinvention is Sexy Conference

Reinvention is Sexy Women's Conference  Bodacious Speakers & Entrepreneurs - 2014 can be your Ka-CHING Breakout year! In Washington DC on 3/29, the Reinvention is SEXY Entrepreneur Training Tour will help you radically up level your business. This results based training will help you increase…

What’s your Plan for Failure?

What's your Plan for Failure? (Quick Tips for your Reinvention Strategy) Denise encourages you to actually plan for failure. Stay in the game long enough and failure will show up! You'll be better off if you plan for it and not run from it. Connect…

Right Thinking Creates Radical Results

Right Thinking Creates Radical Results There is a process of thinking, a quality of thought that keeps us engaged with and connected to the flow of energy that makes us feel that anything is possible, and because that thinking process is not flawed, it remains…