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Spiritual Entrepreneur Mashup – Trena Jones

Guest Blogger – Trena Jones

Do God and Entrepreneurship Go Together? 

What a question!  To me, this is a no-brainer and is the same as asking, “Should I bring my leg with me?  My heart?”  What is interesting is, rarely do we question if we should bring our child, our mate, our family with us but feel the need to question the inclusion of the Creator of all that we are.

However, before I go into more detail on my opinion, let me say, with this question comes the next inquiry, “Why”? 

Realizing there are many who prey on the vulnerability of the Believer, one thing I have learned since starting my own business is, Believers are very loyal when it comes to the attachment to ideals. In fact, the very concept behind “believing” requires this trait.  There are many who recognize this as well.  Therefore, let the preying begin…and I do not mean “praying”!

I have seen business owners claim their faith in ways that complement the way they have always done business.  Yet I have also seen the other side, the businesses who sees a good “niche” to be tapped.  These ones do not ask the original question of “should I” but focus more on the “why”.  They are looking to hook the “Believer crowd” and make profit from that very tendency to “trust”.   

How to know the difference?  I believe when you are centered in yourself, you can feel the inauthenticity because you have come to depend on your intuition (what I call “God-speak”) and most will not be able to take advantage of your heart…nor head.

So, my response to the question begins with these questions:  Who was there since before I took my first breath?  Who shielded me, as a young child in the Deep South, when an old white man tried to abduct me?  Who blessed me with the spiritual gifts I have, which allows me to stay connected to Him, my Source? 

My response is a resounding “Yes”!  He who is of me, in me and a part of all that I do; He who will never forsake me, nor I Him.

Who is Trena Aloma? – Intuitive Love Coach, Aloma Life Coaching www.trenajones.com

Owner and Intuitive Love Coach at Aloma Life Coaching, Trena is dedicated to transforming the way we love ourselves to a higher level, believing when we love ourselves more, we can love others better.  A retiree from the USAF, today she is a coach, facilitator and speaker.  Using events and 1:1 coaching, she teaches how to look inward to find the love and answers to the things holding you back from being your greatest self and finding your greatest love!