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Market Sell Launch is Live

Hey there, I’m in a pretty festive giddy mood! I think launching the new face of my blog Market. Sell. Launch. is a reason to celebrate and throw a little or a lotta confetti!

I invite you to join me in the weekend long celebration by cruising around to read the helpful articles geared towards helping women entrepreneurs increase revenue.

Through this online information hub I share the best articles, resources and information to learn the latest strategies to automate your online marketing and sales, generate high quality leads, attract your ideal client and sell with integrity.

Since I’m feeling festive, I have a giveaway for 5 seats in my upcoming live webinar training “List Building Bootcamp” to help you learn the process to acquire leads and sell your products and services online… with integrity. This is a $197 value.
To win one of these 5 spots send an  email to denise@denisejhart.com and share the following information from the ABOUT page here on my blog: 
What are the 3 public highlights I share on that page? 

To get the good-stuff-no-fluff from one of the reader-fav articles, click the PIC below:

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and a guest post for the Spiritual Entrepreneur Mashup series – Trena Jones

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