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How to Correctly Implement Sales and Marketing

How to Correctly Implement Sales and Marketing

How to Implement Sales and MarketingRecently, one of my clients asked me to clarify the difference between sales and marketing. She said:

“From my vantage point it seems that sales and marketing are two separate entities that are both required. But should they be combined when thinking about how to build your business, or should I look at them as two separate yet very important pieces that I need? I’ve seen them grouped together before and I’ve often wondered why when they are not the same. I understand that marketing is required to make sales, but don’t they both require different skills?”

Perhaps you have the same curiosity – should sales and marketing be combined when thinking about how to build your business?

To answer this, first let me explain the difference between the two.

  • Marketing is the actions you do in the marketplace to help your business be found (marketing makes things happen. It stirs the pot of intrigue, curiosity and increased interest). 
  • Sales is a transactional process that results in an exchange of funds in return for goods or services. (sales completes what marketing starts). 


Yes there’s a difference between sales and marketing, but the game changer is how you implement them in the marketplace.  In my opinion, marketing and sales should be taught separately but at a specific point in doing business they should be brought together.

To dig further into the question, let’s consider the architecture of a successful business which consists of these 6 critical development areas:

  1. Mindset/Lifestyle Impact
  2. Systems/infrastructure
  3. Branding
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing
  6. Public Speaking


The execution of  sales in your business should be examined backwards. As an emerging entrepreneur you will spend any where from 6-18 months building out the 6 critical business development areas. During this time period you should approach sales and marketing from a far different perspective than when you’ve launched and you’re business is active in the marketplace.

Here’s how sales and marketing interface when you’re in the building phase:
  • Sales & Revenue Strategy – Businesses that sell tangible and virtual products must develop a sales structure (what to sell, how to sell it, specific products and services you’re going to offer in the marketplace and set your pricing). You do this after you’ve created your brand identity.  Your Revenue Strategy is separate from your Sales strategy.  However, you need a sales strategy to support your revenue strategy. 
  • Marketing Strategy – You can only market what you’ve determined you’re going to sell based on when you’re going to sell it.  You create a marketing strategy based on your sales strategy. 


When you’re in the building phase there’s no actual selling happening. During this phase of your growth you need to learn sales and marketing as separate business skills.  

Once you Launch Everything Changes

Once you’ve successfully built out each of the 6 critical business development areas over 6-18 months, your marketing and sales process will be approached from an entirely different perspective.

Here’s how sales and marketing work once you’re active in the marketplace:
  • Branding – is clearly defined and consistently communicated across all platforms (both live and online) 
  • What’s for sale – you’ve defined the products and services (and price points) tailored to help your ideal client solve their most significant problems. 
  • Marketing – the actions you take to help your business products and services be found by your ideal client. You implement your marketing strategy.
  • Sales Conversion – sales pages for prospect execution, one on one sales conversations, live speaking engagements where you make offers for prospects to take acton
  • Sales delivery and fulfillment – an automated system that takes care of customer service. (books, tshirt or other tangible product delivery system). Both tangible and online products/services should be coupled with an automated customer support system.


From the moment you Launch you need to think of sales and marketing as fraternal twins. They are part of creating a successful business, but they look different while being intrinsically linked together.  

Once you’re live and and active in the marketplace how well you market your business directly impacts how much revenue you’ll generate.  After the strategy phase is over and you’ve moved to implementation you must always think about sales and marketing together if you intend to have financial success in your business. 

How has this article helped you to think of sales and marketing differently? What will you do differently in your business? 

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