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Law of Attraction – How to Manifest More of what you Desire

Law of Attraction – How to Manifest More of what you Desire

All i see is the manifestation of my dreamsTo manifest more of what you desire, it’s important to understand a fundamental element of the law of attraction: like attracts like. 

My dad has a saying, “Don’t make any major decisions unless you’re feeling good.”  He doesn’t mean feeling good about what you need to make a decision about.  No, he literally means don’t make any major decisions unless you are feeling good.  Believe it or not, he’s on to something.

When you allow yourself to feel good your vibration is high and you tend to think more high vibration thoughts and thus attract more high vibration outcomes.  Please read that again… Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s the truth and this is essentially how the law of attraction works. 

Some people like to say: A thought held in mind produces after its kind.  Basically, this is saying you should be mindful about your mindset  Its safe to say that you want to spend as much time as you can thinking good thoughts and expreiencing the good feelings that come from those thoughts. You want to generate positive feelings.  If you’re feeling positive, you will inevitably attract more positive thoughts, people and situations back to you. 

For many of us, feeling good is fleeting.  However, our real job is to more consistently stay in alignment with how the Universe sees us: WORTHY of having what we desire.  Our main job is to seek alignment with who we really are.  As you experience self growth and personal development you are more apt to fulfill your life’s purpose.  During this process you will experience high vibration thoughts and feelings as a result of the insights and revelations you experience. Your growth will raise your vibration. 

Here are a few additional ways you can decide to feel good and raise your vibration:

  • Listen to music that inspires you
  • Do things that make you feel good
  • Make a commitment to once a month help someone who really needs the assistance
  • Read poetry and a good books that moves you
  • think beneficial thoughts like:  I am worthy
  • feel the fullness of the good feelings that your beneficial thoughts make you feel


You want to do those things that shift your vibe from low to higher and even higher.  The more you can focus on feeling good, the more likely you are to manifest what you desire.  

Remember, time is precious.  Do your happy dance. Enjoy life!