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Entrepreneur Mindset: It’s Never Too Late to Slay


My thoughts on acquiring the Entrepreneur Mindset…

ITS NEVER TOO LATE to Slay… by society’s standards I have done pretty much everything late and many things sub-standard. I have failed far more than I have succeeded. But despite what “society” labels as sub-standard, God creates beauty from ashes. I count it all joy and I am thankful for everything.

I grew up on welfare, living in 13 different homes from the time I was born until I was 17. I graduated from high school with mediocre grades and no real idea of what I would do with my life. No plan whatsoever. Honestly, I thought I too would one day be on welfare. My father was non-existent in my life growing up and I craved male attention resulting in multiple poor relationships with men.
Tired of doing nothing of any real value with my life, one day I was watching A Different World, and I decided that college was a possibility for me so I travelled halfway across the country and enrolled at the age of 24. I was the oldest student in my freshman class. I couldn’t afford to attend so I would stop going, work and then return. I finally graduated at the age of 33. Then I went to graduate school and In the process I racked up over $80,000 worth of debt. Fresh out of a divorce, I had a young son to raise but I seriously considered suicide because that amount might as well have been $80 million to me. How would I ever get out from under so much debt?
Then, breast cancer tried to take me out but God saw fit to spare me but not my mom. One year after my diagnosis my mother transitioned from the same disease. I decided enough was enough. I was no longer going to coast through life taking whatever came my way. I was going to do something on my own terms. But what?
For someone like me, who didn’t grow up observing entrepreneurship or understand how to create wealth, becoming who I am today was an uphill battle. I had to be vulnerable to new ways of thinking and taking action. I had to learn, study and take absolute responsibility for the creation of my life going forward. I started to set small goals and take meaningful consistent action and overtime my life has become completely unrecognizable.
In the process I fell down and scraped my knees… A lot! I made mistake after mistake but I began to see them as lessons. I made a promise not to learn the same lesson twice. I’ve succeeded at that most of the time. I’ve felt unworthy, lacked confidence, compared myself to others, copied others, felt unoriginal and uninspired, but through it all I knew there was something God wanted from me and only me and I was determined to find out what that was. During my journey I read tons of books because that used to be the only “training” I could afford, a $15 dollar book.
Today I am virtually debt free. The only debt I owe is my home mortgage and I just created a plan to completely pay it off by 2017. Nowadays I will drop $10-$40,000 on my professional development as an entrepreneur. The other day I was going over a wealth building strategy that requires me to contribute $25k every year for five years and I didn’t blink at the amount. No hesitation. All in!
My life has direction led by my mission. Every single day I make a meaningful contribution to the world through my sense of self worth. I now understand that we’re all born into circumstances but we get to determine what course our life will take.
I’ve decided that I will create a life of wealth, prosperity, joy and love. I’ve decided I will make a meaningful contribution to help humanity thrive.
Wherever you are in your journey, be encouraged. Know that you are not alone and that you hold the keys to create all the success you desire.
I’ve decided that it’s okay to slay.
Namaste – Denise Joy