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5 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs aren’t Getting Paid to Speak

5 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs aren’t Getting Paid to Speak

babies learn to walk
The first 5 years of business are hands down the hardest.
It can be lonely, confusing and frustrating.
Plus, who do you trust to help you when you barely trust yourself?
Your new vision and new sense of purpose create massive amounts of motivation. You get started. You tell everyone you know and suddenly…
Everything feels like its taking too long.
You realize you have to learn systems, internet marketing, branding, sales, time management, lifestyle impact, social media, copywriting, blogging, price negotiations, product and service development and on top of everything else you have to learn how to speak, serve and sell without being sales-y.
Its enough to make you want to throw out the baby with all the bath water!
Here’s the real deal, only 20% of the people who start a business will have one within 5 years.
That means that 80% of the people reading this article won’t have a business within the next 5 years.
That means that 80% won’t get paid to speak. Ever.
Sobering truth, isn’t it?
So, what happens to the 80% that makes them forget the vision and renewed sense of purpose in the world?
What prevents entrepreneurs from getting paid to speak?
1. Hooked on Freebie University because they think they can’t afford to participate in marketplace reciprocity. Investing in their growth.
2. They won’t develop their skill set by trusting a qualified trainer to help them strengthen and even master all the skills they need to run a successful business
3. They don’t get the connection between getting paid to speak and running a business that doesn’t have gaps in it.
4. They want a long term result using short term strategies
5. They don’t realize there’s an art and craft to speaking that builds on your God given gift.
So, what are your top two take-aways? Share in the comments section below.

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