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10 Mistakes that Keep Entrepreneurs from Being Exceptional

1. Having a “How Hard Could it Be” attitude – looking at someone else’s progress and believing you should be able to jump in quickly and make things happen just like them. You know what I mean… folks saying they’re gonna make $100k in 6 months. Heck, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 24 years and it took me 5 years to hit $100k. (that was pre-internet!)
2. Scaling up too soon and way too fast – this can look like growing your business before you have the automation and team to support the growth.  You start to spin out from overwhelm. 
3. Resisting this truth ‘Sales Fixes Everything’ (Guy Kawasaki) – You must discover the main problems your audience wants to have solved. You must automate your online sales and payment systems. You must deliver your product/services with integrity and customer attentiveness as your calling card. 
4. Unwilling to market like a master – marketing is virtually free. You gotta have a social media and content marketing strategy combined with a certain percentage of paid lead generation campaigns. 
5. Wasting money on stuff you don’t need — Do you really need that office or we-work space? Do you really need a snazzy office chair that goes up and down like an elevator? Do you really need… #Nope
6. Falling into the trap of repeatedly saying “I have so much content!” – instead zero in on the main solution product you can offer. Create a beta program and offer that mug to your tribe. If they love it, tweak it to make it even better and then make it a part of your brands exclusive offering. 
7. Neglecting to continuously strengthen your mindset. – Fix this. #Stat
8. Unwilling to get over the shock that in the beginning you will be doing everything… yes, everything.
9. Not willing to get savvy with what it takes to do business using the internet – its only hard at the beginning. I promise you it gets easier if you stick with it. 
10. Being un-coachable. You’re over committed to figuring out everything you need to learn all by yourself. You’re likely going to learn it wrong, or you won’t learn it at all.  #Bummer 

Which of these mistakes resonate with you or are the ones you’re going to avoid? Drop me a line in the comments section below! ~

xoxo, Denise Joy

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