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How to Create a Lead Magnet Using Leadpages

In today’s article I’m going to walk you through how to create a lead magnet using Leadpages. 

If you’ve been searching the internet looking for help with how to get people to join your email list, this article will help you. 
This article covers: 
1. What’s a lead magnet
2. Why do you need a lead magnet
3. 9 quick steps to create a lead magnet
4. The demo right above walks you step-by-step through how to use a basic lead magnet template in Leadpages and tweak it to fit your goals. 

What’s a Lead Magnet? 

Over the years a lead magnet has been identified by many different names. For example, when I first started online 10 years ago, it was most commonly called “an ethical bribe.” This old school term is really at the heart of what a lead magnet is. It’s a way for businesses to create a situation for someone to agree to give up their name and email for something they believe will be of value to them. 
Other names commonly used instead of lead magnet include: 
  • “Squeeze page”, this means there’s only one action the person can execute once they land on your lead magnet page. The focus on only one action sort of squeezes the attention of the viewer and they’re more likely to take that singular action
  • “Pink spoon”, this actually comes from the tradition at Baskin Robbins ice cream stores where you get a small sample of ice cream to taste on a pink spoon. So, this implies that your lead magnet should be a “small sample”. 
 Folks also use “Irresistible Free Offer (IFO)” and “Hand Raiser” to describe a lead magnet. 
Essentially, when someone trades their name and email for your valuable “sample” of helpful information, they’re “raising their hand” to let you know they have an interest in what you offer. However, you’ll  need to get them to raise their hand a few more times before they consider becoming a customer. 
I’ve used Leadpages since 2016 and find the platform easy to use and they have a  wide range of templates you can use “as is” or tweak them to fit your unique lead magnet offer. If you’d like to try Leadpages click here. 
Why do you Need to Create a Lead Magnet?
Leads are what any business needs so they can have someone to market their goods and services to. Basically, you need leads so you can increase your chances of running a fiscally responsible business, generating revenue and profit. 
You’ll want to make sure you’ve done the work to identify your ideal client before you set up your lead magnet. This article will walk you through that process – Click here to access this helpful information, then come back here to finish setting up your lead magnet using Leadpages. 
When you create the right kinds of lead magnets that support your prospect psychological and sales pathway your marketing and sales process will achieve the following: 

  • You’ll be more successful. 
  • You’ll hit the long and short term goals you set for your business. 
  • Your community and customers will be happier and will celebrate you
  • You’ll feel aligned with your purpose 
  • You’ll serve powerfully and make money doing what you love 
  • You’ll smile more! 
9 Quick Steps to Create a Lead Magnet
Answer the following with detail: 
  1. Do research to find out the top pain points your ideal client is experiencing because of the main problem they’re having
  2. Using one or more of the pain points, create a helpful bite sized solution you can offer. 
  3. Consider a short video training, a tip sheet, checklist, recipes, etc.
  4. Remember, your lead magnet is informed by the problem your ideal client is experiencing and it should be something they can implement and benefit from immediately.
  5. Use a template service to automate your lead magnet process
  6. Create a compelling headline to attract your ideal client. Ex: “The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when You Go Vegan!”  
  7. Create 3-5 benefit bullets telling them the value they’ll receive from your lead magnet 
  8. Talk about the transformation they’ll experience
  9. Use an integrated email database server to collect the names and emails you’ll get using your lead magnet. I recommend Aweber for ease of use and especially price. Click here for the 30 day free trail. 
Create a folder in your computer that will hold everything that relates to your ideal client. 
For example, my folder is titled: “The School of Profit Ideal Client”. Inside the main folder you create sub-folders. For example:
  •  “Lead Magnet”
  • “Main Offer
  • “Prospect Pathway” etc.  
 In the sub folders you’ll put everything that relates to that sub-heading. 
For example, all lead magnets related to attracting and supporting that ideal client will go in that folder. The main offer for the ideal client will go in that folder, and so on.
This system will help you solve one of the top 5 challenges entrepreneurs ask me about… “How to Stay Organized!” #youarewelcome
Here’s a 2 minute video which breaks down all 9 keys to automate your business –> 9 Keys Video
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These tools will help you automate your business so you save time, serve powerfully and make great money doing what you love. 
I hope this article has helped you understand what a lead magnet is and how to set one up using Leadpages. 
xoxo, Denise Joy 

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