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America’s leading expert teaching entrepreneurs to Get Paid to Speak, execute effective internet marketing and sales and unapologetically dominate  their niche! 

Unapologetically bodacious Thought Leader ‘rebel’. Author and Self Love Maven, Denise is your go-to speaker to kick off your annual conference or retreat, conduct a staff leadership or team building session or inspire a group of women who are ready to rock the mojo and achieve their dreams.

Denise’s topics are focused on radically up-leveling business growth, leadership based on values and principles and transformational growth both personally and organizationally.

She offers keynote speaking, training’s, workshops and seminars around the globe. 

Denise’s practical style of speaking includes a dash of humor, a dose of kick-in-the-pants honesty, combined with a heaping helping of motivation and transparent conversation.  Denise knows how to move your audience to embrace their next level of greatness.

An experienced speaker and seasoned story teller, professor and coach, Denise will have your audience laughing, clapping, cheering, shedding a few tears and taking copious notes as they give careful consideration to their reinvention strategy and exactly what’s next for their life and business.

Denise knows how to help audiences shift their mindset, overcome  whatever’s holding them back, and learn the system to go from ordinary to extraordinary.  Bring Denise in to rock the platform with positive vibes, an energetic style and help your audience create meaningful change.


Denise’s Speaking and Presentation Topics Include: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Transformation

 5 Steps to Be the Only Game Changer in the Game!

In this talk Denise shares how she was able to overcome thinking she was destined to repeat how she spent her formative years, a life marred by welfare, struggle and poverty.  Against the odds, she graduated from college at the age of 32 and went on to receive her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, become a tenured professor and build successful off line and online businesses in the nation’s capitol. Her experiences helped her create a new success paradigm and illuminated the 5 rules people need to break to achieve success defined by their own terms.

Denise shares the value in:

√ Why you shouldn’t Abide by the Rules

√ Creating a new Route Home

√ Why Coloring Outside the Lines is Mandatory

√ Throwing out Pragmatic and Practical

√ Focusing on the Goal while you commit to the Process

Care & Feeding of the CEO Mindset: 3 Lessons to Really Be (come) Your Own Boss

Denise shares the mindset success lessons she’s gleaned from 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. From overcoming and embracing failure and celebrating success, Denise shares why your mindset will make or break your vision, ideas, partnership capacity and overall success.

√ 10 powerful affirmations to transition from ordinary to extraordinary

√ Mindset Systems for Transformative Leadership: from 1 to many

√ Why Failure is Essential to your Uplevel Plan

Corporate Impact – Confidence, Connection & Camaraderie

Increasing confidence, connection and camaraderie is essential for today’s business professional. All three allow you to command the respect of co-workers and clients, maximize teamwork, to not sweat the small stuff, to positively impact and influence your peers and increase the overall quality of leadership.

Our Corporate Impact Leadership seminar provides you with an engaging environment to strengthen the foundation of these important leadership qualities in your organization.

Whether you’re a solo-preneur CEO, manager or executive, you and your team will increase your capacity to positively impact your organization and your clients.  Our highly interactive workshops will motivate you to fully define and embrace your next level.

Full and half day sessions are available. Sessions can also be customized.

Seminar Objectives: 

√ Increasing Confidence & Connection – How authenticity increases both

√ 5 Tips to Present and Speak from the front of the room – shift from a monologue to a meaningful dialogue

√ Leadership lessons learned from Star Bucks & other World Class CEO’s

√ Get your organization Off the Wall – embodying versus just reading the organizational principles

√ 7 Keys to Effective Communication – water cooler and copy machine chats that build camaraderie and connection and influence teamwork and the bottom-line

√ Understanding the Unspoken Power of non-verbal expression – body language, posture, voice, tone, pace and volume

College Community

Denise has served as a tenured college professor and has 15 years experience mentoring impressionable maturing minds to set and achieve their goals. She draws on her unique late-in-life college experience to inspire, motivate and encourage college students to maximize their collegiate experience, to play full out and create a life plan that matters to them AND makes a meaningful contribution to the world.

Click here to listen to Denise on WHUR radio sharing 3 tips to Get a Life Beyond your J.O.B. & Business.

Book Denise to Transform your Audience to Break WAY out of the Box! 

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