When They See Us
Great TV Dramas

2020 NAACP Image Award – Best Dramatic Special “When They See Us”

The NAACP Image awards are a marvelous opportunity for underrepresented writers to receive some well deserved attention. Since I’m infatuated with all things TV Drama, I’m sharing the winners in a few of my most favorite categories.  The haunting tale of the wrongfully convicted “central park five”, When They See Us took home the prize for Outstanding Television Movie, Limited-Series or Dramatic Special.

Fun fact: The actor Asasnte Blackk who was nominated for an Emmy award for his portrayal of the real life Kevin Richardson, trained as an actor under me at my summer camp for several years. I remember him as a fairly shy but incredibly focused young man and I’m so proud of him! Kudos to him and the entire team!

Denise Joy LOVEs all things drama TV. I'm a binge-watching-deconstructing-story-maven. I've been a college professor and professional writer for 20 years, but I grew up in “O” town. No. Not Oakland, Omaha. Growing up in middle America was an idyllic experience. I grew up on the taste of welfare...powdered milk and government cheese. Along with my siblings I lived in 13 different homes from the time I was born until I was 17. The first being a low income projects nicknamed “Little Vietnam”, so don’t come for me! Learning how to outrun the eviction notice cultivated my love of storytelling from a young age. At 9 I published my fist poem and at 13 I wrote and shot my first movie, “The Chase” with my neighborhood crew at Tommy Rose Gardens Projects. People say I'm a master at reinvention. Just another byproduct of lessons learned from my vagabond/gypsy like upbringing. And for those of you that wonder if I’m spiritual, ratchet, bougie, professional or ghetto…please note, I’m mixed.