Coaching is a great way to help you learn faster, stay accountable and accelerate your journey to achieve your goals.

Using Aristotle’s classic story telling framework I’ve taught script analysis and story elements techniques for over 20 years. Through my extensive experience as a writer for theatre, providing script coverage and story doctor support for other professionals, I founded the Scriptory™ System, a mashup of compelling story and script structure, to help TV writers tell dope stories.

I offer virtual “video” live group workshops, live seminars and private coaching. If you’re a beginner I recommend you start with live group workshops. Being in a classroom environment will help you learn faster and plus, you’ll make a few writer friends and naturally expand your network.

Live group workshops: (coming soon)

    • TV Drama Pilot Infrastructure – ideation, original pilot versus spec, plot, break story, act structure, A,B,C storylines, script deconstruction, characters, dialogue, polarity, triangulation and more.
    • Define your Writer’s Voice – cultivate and strengthen your unique voice. Your tone. Your writing fingerprint.
    • Drama Pilot Development – create the blueprint for your pilot: plot, break story, act structure, story structure, showing and telling, outline your story
    • Write the Pilot – completing your original or spec drama

Script Coverage

    • Script coverage – $125 for a one hour drama. Receive written notes, not a synopsis, about what’s working well and areas for improvement. Quick turnaround.

Private Coaching

    • Private coaching is ideal for writers who are preparing scripts to submit to fellowships, contests and other similar programs. I will also help you clarify and strengthen your idea(s) and create an atmosphere of accountability and support. To chat about the possibility to sign up for private coaching with me click here to schedule a complimentary 15 minute chat!