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What Happened to Integrity in the Coaching Industry?

The Profit Professor, engages with her facebook community around the question "Is there any Integrity left in the coaching industry?" Subscribe to her YouTube channel for more good-stuff-no=fluff. Click here to subscribe. Who is The Profit Professor... Click Here to hear the scoop! Entrepreneur Success…

3 Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Suffering from "Imposter Syndrome?" Well let me tell you my little secret... when I first started offering business coaching I was deathly afraid to coach anyone who had an MBA or told me they were going to pursue one. I would freeze like a dear…

5 Tips to Survive your Side Hustle

During one of my interviews on WHUR radio with Harold Fisher, a caller asked a powerful question, "Can you really succeed at your side hustle?" I've been a side hustler or "para-preneur" for 20 years (meaning I have a career and run a successful business).…


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