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How to Connect using Social Media

Last night I led the final training in the Engaging Entrepreneur training series for the Washington DC Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. I taught two previous trainings focused on revenue generation and branding. For the final training I focused on helping writers and entrepreneurs use social media to grow their business.

There was a diverse level of ages (from 23-65) and a variety of businesses represented: writers, custom t-shirts, the travel industry, health snacks, catering and more. Having a variety of businesses was wonderful because it shows how every entrepreneur must play by the ‘new rules’.

What I know from 20 years as an entrepreneur and from coaching and training thousands of people, the fundamentals of business apply to ALL businesses. Business is business is business and this includes writers!

During the workshop I shared the #1 golden rule for being an entrepreneur is to be fiscally responsible to the business. This means all of your efforts are geared towards generating revenue and profit. For writers this could mean getting staffed, getting gigs or selling projects.

I covered tons of content during the training about how to connect with and get to know people you’d eventually like to do business with or build a rapport/relationship with. Nowadays, folks are getting hired right from social media!

There were lots of great questions asked during the Q&A part of the workshop. Below are answers to a few of the most common questions asked :

  • Making connections in social media – All social media platform have their own “rules of the game”. For example, Twitter offers you the chance to connect with virtually anyone within seconds. (Below is a screenshot of Ava DuVernay liking my tweet about her new show Cherish the Day on OWN. I tweeted and in 5 seconds she’d liked my tweet). Although, folks do have long tweet-fest-discussions on Twitter, facebook allows for more of a longer dialogue exchange. 

Or this tweet response I got from the hit drama series Hunters on Amazon Prime. Oops, I forgot to use my standard hashtags #TVWriter #Storyteller #DopeStories. Please don’t make my mistake, don’t forget to use your hashtags! 

After they showed me some love I received the response below. If they do use it, that’s the perfect moment of reciprocity on social media:

Although, folks do have long tweet-fest-discussions on Twitter, facebook allows for more of a longer dialogue exchange. 

  • The difference between a fan page and friending someone on facebook – on facebook, you friend people through your personal page. A fan page allows you to place adds if that’s something you’re interested in doing. 
  • How to get the most out of your posts – create a strategy. For example, I could continue to post something specific about Cherish the Day every day or after each episode airs. Who knows what could come of something authentic and intentional. 
  • How often to post and can you post too much? – post as often as you like but remember your goal is to make authentic connections through your posting. 
  • What different forms of social media work best? – this depends on your goals. However, the top 5 for most writer/entrepreneurs is: facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and linked in.
  • Do you need to have a twitter and an instagram account? – this depends on your connection goals and where the people you want to make connections with are on social media. I have both accounts because my write tribe and clients engage on both platforms. Hey, let’s connect there – (twitter – @denisejhart Instagram – @denisejoyhart
  • Does it lack professionalism to be on every social media platform? – not necessarily. However, your behavior should be appropriate for your audience and consistent across all platform

When you create your social media strategy your goal is to create the kind of engagement that triggers interest, curiosity and intrigue for your followers because ultimately people hire and do business with someone they know, like and trust.

What are you most pressing social media questions? Drop them in the comments section below!



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