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Journey to the Joy of Truth Book Now Available

Explore the 12 Pathways to Joy

This is an excellent book to read for a book club! Discuss the 12 pathways to Joy as revealed through deeply personal and provocative stories centered on Surrender, Courage, Love, Faith, Forgiveness, Creativity, Collaboration, Vulnerability, Honesty, Compassion, Integrity and Gratitude.

“Captivated from the very beginning. Truly a riveting book. Denise does a masterful job of blending spiritual teaching and awareness with authenticity and transparency. Journey to the Joy of Truth is a must read. Especially for those of us teaching transformation possibility and then for those of us who are reaching for new levels of growth and expression. It inspires me to a new level of greatness!” ~ Lisa Nichols, New York Times Best Selling Author & Featured Teacher in The Secret

The principles in this book will help you rekindle your connection to your divine purpose and thrive in your life. #JoyofTruth

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Denise Joy

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