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Why you May Not Be Making the Money you Deserve

Why you May Not Be Making the Money you Deserve (just yet)

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Making money in business does not happen over night. It’s not easy to learn and implement everything that you need to learn and put in place to allow money to flow into and remain in your business.

Money requires the right container. A space that communicates – “I’m ready for money to come in and ready for money to stay.”

The creation of the right container does not happen over night either. I repeat, making money in business and creating the right container DOES NOT happen over night. In fact, it might not happen at all if you don’t embody and consistently strengthen the 3 keys to creating a successful business. These 3 keys are non negotiable. You must have the right – Mindset. Strategy. Action.

Through the Get Paid to Speak Academy I help entrepreneurs anchor themselves in these non negotiable 3 keys:

1. Mindset – your dominate system of success oriented thoughts.
2. Strategy – your dominate system of planning based on what you currently know.
3. Action – your dominate system of implementation based on what you’ve planned.

What is your dominate system of Mindset, Strategy and Action? (go ahead and jot down your answer in your journal – Remember, when we’re honest we get to go farther faster!) To become dominate means to be consistent. Consistency will always be best friends with results. What are you consistently thinking about yourself and your ability to learn and implement what you need to create the success you crave? How are you consistently planning based on what you currently know? What are you consistently implementing based on what you’ve planned?

You may not be making the money you deserve because you have yet to determine the kind of results you want to create, or what fruit you want your business to bear. Once you determine the results you desire, you must commit to the consistent development and application of the right Mindset. Strategy and Action. This is how you make the kind of money that will turn your business from a heart ache into a healing balm for yourself and many others.

Some folks say “but, Denise, its not about the money.” On the one hand, I totally agree. I am not in business to make it all about the money, but one thing I know for sure is entrepreneurs have to decide if they’re going to be fiscally responsible to the business. Bottom line, it takes money to run a business. If you choose to not be fiscally responsible then you’re less likely to serve folks in the first place because you won’t be able to run your business.

In business, money needs a container to flow into. Your container will consist of the right Mindset, Strategy and Action. You may have money flowing into your business but its happening haphazardly. Everyone wants a sustainable business and if you have haphazard revenue generation that won’t produce a sustainable business.

For most entrepreneurs lack of consistent revenue is the most annoying, disappointing and frustrating aspect of building their business. Many of us want money to immediately flow at high volumes. However, this is virtually impossible if we have not developed the right container for money to flow into and to remain in our business.


1. Release the Over Night Success Syndrome – it will take most entrepreneurs 6-18 months to create the right Mindset, Strategy and Action to be able to generate consistent revenue in their business.

2. Get Training for 6-18 months – Join a program that will provide you with systematic honest proven training that will guide you and support you with developing the consistent right Mindset, Strategy and Action.

3. Release the Pity Party Tribe – if you’re surrounding yourself with a tribe that has gotten comfortable with complaining about how hard it is to make money, they don’t have a strong sense of personal commitment and accountability, or how things don’t work for them, or how they don’t have the money to get the training they need, or they don’t have the time to do what they need to do, or…. well, you get my point! If this is your current tribe, get a new one, pronto! Its been said that we become the sum of the 5 closest people we spend our time with. I’m taking liberties to change this to – Entrepreneurs end up reflecting the mindset, strategy and actions of the people in their tribe. If you need a new tribe, I invite you to join the Get Paid to Speak Tribe. It’s your facebook group where you can be supported and surrounded with folks committed to creating the right container for money to flow into and remain in their business.

Extra support – print the Mindset Mojo truth contract and read it every day for the next 15 days: 

Don’t declare something and then turn around and abandon the habitual practice that will help you manifest it. Your power lies in your word and your deed. ‪#‎MindsetMojo‬

What are you take-aways from this article? Share in the comments section below!