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Marketing & Lead Generation for Beginners

Business is simple, right? To increase revenue you need to have people in your community to serve and market your services too. Well, the hard part is attracting the right people!

That’s why I’m offering my next 90 minute interactive LIVE WEBINAR training, created specifically for speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to learn the top systems and strategies for marketing and lead generation.

We’ll meet via zoom, you’ll receive your “follow along guide” I’ll teach AND answer questions to help you implement immediately afterwards.

Click the link to get your spot. Just $27! www.myfirstonlinesale.com

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Blogger at Market Sell Launch. Creative. Funny. Driven. The Profit Professor, I help entrepreneurs get their life back. Using automation, lead generation and selling with integrity they regain the freedom life they desire! I love to hug trees and people too! Together, we shake up the status quo and help humanity thrive!