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Make Money Hosting Live Events Challenge

Are you Hosting a Live event in 2017 or 2018?

Are you thinking you might but you’re really nervous?

If you said yes, this challenge will help ease your mind! 

I’m Denise Joy and I’m stoked to invite you to join me for one of my most exciting AND fun ways to get started laying the right foundation to host wildly successful events!

In just 5 days you’re going to take radical steps to drastically increase your knowledge and confidence to host the kind of live event you’ve been dreaming of.

One of my gifts is helping entrepreneurs to  stop making mediocre money hosting live events. Instead, they learn the right system to make a big impact and make great money too.

Over the last several years I’ve helped household names and smaller yet no less passionate brands to achieve their revenue goals when hosting live events. In 2015-2016 my clients generated over 4 million dollars with live events and impacted thousands of lives.

In this 5 day challenge I’m sharing a few of the non-negotiable best practices you’ll want to implement so you can have your own wildly successful live event…again and again!

The Challenge is Quick and Powerful! 

What:   Make Money Hosting Live Events Challenge

Where:   Virtually via our private facebook group

When:     5 days, 2/20 – 2/4

Benefits: experience meaningful micro-wins, plus you’ll increase confidence and knowledge. You’re going to get clear about exactly what it takes to make money from hosting live events.

What will you Learn? 

1. How to align your brand message with the event promise

2. How to identify the specific buyer personas who will attend your event 

3. How to start crafting your offer

4. How to craft your event promise

5. Strategies to fill virtually every seat in the room

We’ll meet for 5 quick but powerful days inside our private facebook group. You’ll share your response to the daily prompt, experience meaningful micro-wins and increase confidence and knowledge. You’re going to get clear about exactly what it takes to make money from hosting live events of 10 – 300 people.

You’ll receive your welcome email shortly after you enter your name and email below. The challenge runs from 2/20 – 2/24! 

How do you Jump in?


I look forward to supporting you with achieving your SWAG (satisfy your wildly audacious goals!) for increased global impact and revenue through your passion and your business! 

your sister in unapologetic dopeness ~ Denise Joy


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