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February 2017 Marketing and Sales Newsletter

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From your girl Denise Joy – Helpful Stuff… Always

January strolled out of 2017 like “Boom, I’m outta here!” #Dueces
Was it just me, or did it feel like I blinked a second too long and the month was gone?
Whelp, that just tells me that time stops for no one and there’s no better time than now to take charge of your destiny. I mean full force. No hemming and hawing. (Oops, that’s the Nebraska in me coming out! LOL!)
As for me and my world, I’ve already been on a plane 3 times and traveled to Denver, Houston and Atlanta! In Houston I got to hang with my favorite gal pals in our mastermind group The Legendary Collective and while I had my hot seat session my sister girl Zenovia broke the truth to me, that my website was tired with a capital T! #Ouch
It didn’t rock my world too much, because I already knew this to be the but I kept saying I didn’t have time to revamp things. Um, so that excuse didn’t go over well and sooooo, I’m super stoked to let you know that I have a new website coming out in mid March! I’m also tweaking my brand a bit and you’ll start to notice those changes over the next several weeks.
In this month’s newsletter I’m dropping the dime on the top 5 resources I recommend you use to make 2017 a wildly successful year! This year lets focus on ease, efficiency and a low learning curve. My intention is to support you with going farther faster in 2017!

2017 Resource Recommendations

1. Automate your database management – The first one is a super easy to use email database system, Aweber It has one of the highest email delivery inbox percentages. it’s a lite program so its easy to set up and integrate with other platforms like leadpages
2. Grow your list – Create professional lead magnets quickly and easily with You can save time by turning your blog posts into ebooks with professional looking downloadable lead magnets.
3. Up-level your marketing knowledge – One of my favorite marketing books, the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Written by two giants in the advertising world, the principles will transform your marketing for good! Check it out on Amazon here
4. Content Delivery System – Teachable is an absolutely EASY to use and super dope course delivery software. It’s easy, pretty and integrates well with other marketing and sales platforms! The ease of set up is staggeringly simple and also pretty! Save time and make more money.
5. Free Stock Images – Spruce up your blog with free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. Keep your blog popping with amazing free stock images. Yes, they are totally free. You can even have them delivered to your inbox if you subscribe.
your unapologetic tribe guide,
Denise Joy

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