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eWomen Conference 2013 – Endiya Kinney Sterns Rocked Next Level Energy!

eWomen Conference 2013 – Endiya Kinney Sterns Rocked Next Level Energy!

I attenMe and Endiyaded my very first eWomen confernece a few weeks ago and I had an absolute ball!  I was able to learn, serve and grow on many levels. 

Among the many awesome speakers who delivered speeches that moved us, I had a chance to hear from and meet Endiya Kinney Sterns, Vice Presiden of Programming and Development for the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Yes she’s a sweet heart, but she also knows how to stay in the game and win.  She spoke a powerful message that helped us to be willing and able to identify that when we’re down, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re out.

Her energy was absolutely infectous and here are 3 powerful tips for all speakers that I observed in Endiya’s speaking style:

1. Don’t be afraid to be physical.  For her opening, Endiya came out to the Rocky theme song. She was full on bobing and weaving like a boxer.  The audience instantly knew that she was going to pack a powerful punch.  She was at home in her body and willing to express and share her story with her total instrument – physical, vocal and emotional.

2. Be willing to change things up. Towards the end of her speech, Endiya said “I’m going to share this story. I didn’t think I would share it, but here goes.” This immideately gets the audiences attention.  It signals that this is going to come straight from the heart because there’s been no advance preperation.

3. Smile even when you’re being serious.  Several of the speakers I saw at the conference had a tendency to go to what I call neutral face when they got serious.  Neutral face should be avoided at all costs because the audience is taking their cues on how to feel from what you do as a speaker.  Even when Endiya was serious she managed to float between a “this is serious” face, and a smile in such a way that it invited us to feel right along with her.  Please note, I didn’t say smile when you’re sad. There’s a big difference between being serious and sad. Smiling will gain you more trust than a neutral serious face ever will.

Thank you Endiya for pouring into us at eWomen 2013!