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Entrepreneurs – Social Medial Engagement with a Purpose

Entrepreneurs – Social Medial Engagement with a Purpose

social-followersLast night I led the final training in the 2015 Engaging Entrepreneur training series for the Washington DC Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. I taught two previous trainings focused on revenue generation and branding. For the final training we focused on helping entrepreneurs use social media to grow their business.

There was a diverse level of ages (from 23-65) and a variety of businesses represented: custom t-shirts, the travel industry, health snacks and catering and more. Having a variety of businesses was wonderful because it shows how every business must play by the ‘new rules’ of doing business.

What I know from 20 years as an entrepreneur and from coaching and training thousands of people, the fundamentals of business apply to ALL businesses. Business is business is business!

During the workshop I shared that the #1 golden rule for being an entrepreneur is to be fiscally responsible to the business. This means all of your efforts are geared towards generating revenue and profit. This includes your social media engagement.

I also asked the attendees, why are Businesses using Social media? I received several different answers, but the most profound reason is because the internet now determines the way businesses do business. (I share more about this in my article How to Do Business on the Internet).

Once you understand how the internet has forever changed the way businesses do business you will look at social media from an entirely different perspective. You will begin to use it with purpose. 

I covered tons of content during the training, and there were lots of great questions posed. In this article I’m answering a few of the common questions asked by the attendees:

  • Where to find Specific customers in social media – complete a demographic and psychographic persona for your ideal client. This kind of research and deep dive discovery of the behavior of your target market and will help you determine which social media platforms your perspective clients are using.
  • The difference between a fan page and friending someone on facebook – on facebook, you friend people through your personal page. A facebook fan page or business page is how your business declares itself as a professional service provider in the marketplace. You’re also able to run facebook ad campaigns through your fan/business page. You cannot run ads through your personal page.
  • How to get the most out of your posts – create a strategy.
  • How often to post and can you post too much? – Check out my video below for some insight.


  • What different forms of social media work best? – this depends on who your target market is and their behavior on social media. However, the top 5 for most entrepreneurs is: facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and linked in.
  • Do you need to have a twitter and an instagram account? – this depends on the behavior of your target market. I have both accounts because my community engages in both platforms. Let’s connect there – (twitter – @motivationmama Instagram – @bizcoachdenisejhart
  • Does it lack professionalism to be on every social media platform? – not necessarily. However, your behavior should be professionally appropriate for your audience and consistent across all platforms.


When you create your social media strategy (which is part of your overall content marketing strategy) your goal is to create engagement that triggers interest, curiosity and intrigue for your followers because ultimately people do business with a company they know, like and trust.

For the 4 Keys to SLAY your Social Media Strategy click here. 

What are you most pressing social media questions? Ask away in the comments section below!



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