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Act Like a Success Conference Helps People Thrive

Act Like a Success Conference Helps People Thrive

One of the ultra super fabulous things I get to do in my business is serve at conferences and live events by leading an enrollment team that helps every guest have a powerful life changing experience and supports them with making meaningful decisions on enrolling in programs and services that will change the trajectory of their life and business.

In the process of doing what I love, I get to lead a team of passionate, high integrity individuals who are unapologetic about shaking up the status quo on the planet!

Here’s the real deal, live events are designed to create breakthroughs in the room and then offer guests high quality integrity based programs and services to create the kind of long term transformation that will make the biggest difference in their life!

Below is the Act Like a Success Enrollment team, along with conference host Doreen Rainey. This awesome team supported me as their leader and provided high quality service to our guests!

Enrollment team photo

(thanks for the pic Karen Que!)

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