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Access Your Dreams and Manifest them Too!

Access Your Dreams and Manifest them Too!

It’s March, and in the U. S. that means one thing, March Madness college basketball.

Well, this month I feel like I have an awful lot in common with this whirlwind basketball event because I just completed my very own March Madness speaking tour!

I started March speaking and training at the Steve Harvey Act Like a Success Conference then taught at the Delta Sigma Theta Engaging Entrepreneur series followed that with speaking and training at the Black Life Coaches Summit and this past weekend, I rounded things out with speaking and training at the first annual sold out Access to Your Dreams Conference in Mt. Holly New Jersey.

This powerful conference was hosted by one of my clients, Erica Gordon, founder of Moms With Dreams University.  I’m teaching a course at the University starting in April. You can get all the details for Business Principles to Create a Rock Star Business <– clicking there.

In addition to being filled with great content from 6 expert speakers we also had a bit of fun too! That’s us taking a fun break midway through the event.


The After Party

I was on the road for 10 days in March and thanks to an awesome support team I stayed focused, fresh and served powerfully from my genius. At the Access Your Dreams Conference my talk was entitled “Never Apologize for Being Dope.” You can see a short video clip by clicking here.

So many folks have said they wish they could be there when I’m speaking but for various reasons they can’t, that I put together an after party offer: March Madness Revenue Rock Star bundle of my two trainings from the Act Like a Success and Black Life Coaches conferences.

Getting this bundle will teach you strategies for increasing your revenue and strengthening your CEO mindset to Rise UP to any challenge. You can also study my talks to learn advanced speaker techniques! For a limited time the investment is $67 (regularly $97). Get your bundle by clicking here!

What’s Next?

Okay, so where in the world are you showing up next? Either as an attendee or a speaker? In April I’m at the Aim to Inspire Business Symposium in Charlotte, NC. Then, in May, I’m speaking at the Speak and Write to Make Millions conference in San Diego followed by Awesomenessfest in Croatia! I sure do need to eat my wheaties!!! 

Let me know where you’ll be in the comments section below!