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5 Ways to Use Speaking to Increase Impact, Sales and Marketing

5 Ways to Use Speaking to Increase Impact, Sales and Marketing

microphone retroI believe the number one way to grow any business is through speaking. This includes speaking both publicly and virtually. 

Many entrepreneurs are using social media to share their message and drive people to their website or blog (at least I hope they are!). However, using social media as part of your overall content marketing strategy is just one of the components of creating a successful business that has high service impact and financial benefit to both the business and the customer.  If you aren’t utilizing speaking in addition to other content marketing methods you are leaving tons of people underserved and money on the table. 

So far this year I have spoken a total of 8 times and been in front of almost 700 people. At each event, I’ve never met most of the people in the audience. A small percentage of them I’m connected to through social media and at the live events we had a chance to meet in person for the first time! 

By showing up in front of complete strangers powerful things are happening: I get to know them and they get to know me on a more personal level. The chances that we both determine that we know each other well enough to make a decision with regard like-ablity and trust increases 100 fold when you are live in front of people. (this also includes when you are speaking live via a virtual platform like a  teleconference or a webinar)

At the last event I spoke at, the Aim to Inspire Business Symposium in Charlotte NC a guest asked how do you prepare for speaking engagements. My response was to create a strategy you learn to live by.

I firmly believe in creating a strategy because that’s how you will maximize the experience for both the attendees and your business goals. All strategy should be a dual profit experience. 

Here are 5 ways to use speaking to increase impact, sales and marketing:

  1. Determine what is the percentage of your ideal client in the room and serve them what they need to grow in their personal or professional areas while also including something of value for everyone in the room.
  2. Have a brand leveraging strategy in place. For example, are there other speakers on the platform that you would like to get to know better and potentially do business with them?
  3. Make sure you are giving away something free (that’s high value) to immediately increase your marketing reach. You can use text technology or go old school and hand out a flier with the free gift info on it. Additionally, if you’re using a power point presentation you should include your free gift offer in the presentation.
  4. Establish your personal and business goals for the event. Do you want to more skillfully use the advanced speaker training techniques you’ve learned? Do you want to increase leads by 10% or meet your served and sales goals by making an offer and securing a certain number of registrations? 
  5. Use speaking as a way to authentically create rapport, camaraderie and engagement with your brand. Be authentically interested in getting to know the guests. Never forget rapport is a two way street. 


When you create a strategy to use speaking as the golden fleece that it truly is you will start achieving more of your over all business goals including increasing revenue while you simultaneously increase the impact you are making in the world. 

For more tips to help you UP-LEVEL your speaker game download my free guide –> Critical Questions to ask Before you say YES to a gig