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4 Keys to Slay your Social Media Strategy

4 Keys to Slay your Social Media Strategy

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Clearly social media is here to stay. Every business from huge (Coca Cola), to large (Whole Foods), to midsize (Eileen Fisher), to small (Momentum Institute for Women) must effectively use social media as part of their overall content marketing strategy or suffer the consequences.

The consequences look like loss of brand equity – people no longer identify you as a leading expert. They stop believing your business is relevant and can solve the most pressing problems they are experiencing and want solutions for.  You lose trust and value in the marketplace. 

Social Media is an integrative tool

What does that mean? For entrepreneurs, social media is a catalyst. It helps you integrate your message into the minds and hearts of people in the marketplace.  Never forget that people are at the heart of your social media strategy. There are live human beings at the end of those posts and pictures (most of the time!) and they have feelings, needs, wants and desires. 

The current top five social media spaces that most entrepreneurs should invest in are:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • pinterest
  • youtube


 To figure out which of these you should focus on you need to know which social media platforms your ideal client is most likely to be present on for their daily social media engagement. 

At our Revenue Reinvention business school we teach the 4 keys to create a rock star social media strategy to attract your ideal client and increase your impact and revenue. 

The essential key to be successful using social media as part of your content marketing strategy is to stay away from generic posts and absolutely do not copy others. I don’t’ care what they say – imitation is not the best form of flattery!  Carve out your unique presence by utilizing everything you discovered about your brand from completing your brand identity map.

The four keys to slay your social media strategy are to engage your tribe through:

  1.  Entertainment
  2. Education
  3. Empowerment
  4. Invitation for Enrollment

Webster’s dictionary defines engagement as emotional involvement or commitment and to be engaging is defined as tending to draw favorable attention or interest.  

Solution focused Question – does your strategy fit either of these definitions?

Let’s break down each of the 4 keys:

Education – Sharing content from your blog that has a teaching component. (Like this article does). you can also share teaching based content from leaders in your industry.

Empowerment – Among other empowering mindset posts I discover via the internet, I post empowerment statements from my Mindset Mojo – 365 days of truth and motivation series.  I frequently see and meet people in person who tell me how much these posts mean to them and have added value to their life.  Share posts that instantly help people to be more inspired, uplifted and take action. 

Entertainment – entertainment posts can be music and short video clips that have humor or your favorite clips from old school tv shows.  Some folks like to use the funny memes – think of the kermit the frog ones! Hilarious, right! What other humorous antidotes might be a good fit for your brand and audience?

Enrollment – entrepreneurs have to maintain their first commitment which is to be fiscally responsible to their business. This means you have something that you’re selling. Part of your social media engagement is to offer your community a way to get to know you better so they can make a decision


Your goal is to engage in such a way that your ideal client is naturally attracted to become a part of your database/list and/or become a celebration collaborator for your goods and services. The latter help your brand to experience the benefits of viral marketing. 

Text versus Images – or is the solution Both?

If you’ve been active on social media for the last 12 months the answer to this is a no brainer. You have to use both.  According to a March 2014 research by, photos were the most common content posted by Facebook pages, accounting for 75% of posts worldwide.  People also take in information quicker when its effectively communicated via an image. 

Solution – create your own picture memes and design more than one. Make sure they are great quality pictures and the text is easy to read. 

Okay, there you have it. What do you understand better that you will use in your social media strategy? Share in the comments below. 

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This article has 2 comments

  1. carol davis

    What first grabbed me was the color. Color like that always stops me dead in my tracks. Sometimes I scan thru my posts (go fast) and color stops me. Now, of course, once I saw it was your post, I would read it no matter what so for the purpose of my comments, I will pretend I have no clue who Denise is. What caused me to want more and lead me to read was the word, “slay.” That one small word says more than a bucket of words.

    So I learned to use color and to not be too wordy but to choose my words wisely.

  2. Denise J. Hart

    Carol, you’re definitely a faithful reader and I appreciate you. Yes, words are a huge part of our brand fingerprint. It’s one of the lessons taught in Revenue Rockstar Business Coaching. Glad you got good value from stopping to absorb the training in this article!

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