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Helpful Stuff for Entrepreneurs
Denise Joy helps Entrepreneurs, and Creative types learn how to do the stuff that’s standing between them and their dream of making an impact doing what they love and making some mulah too. Stuff like how to understand and implement online marketing and sell with integrity.


As a result of working with her they go from making mediocre money to generating the kind of revenue they deserve and experiencing the freedom to do what they want while also helping hundreds of people to transform their life.


She’s a laid back sometimes dressy but always fly chic determined to help entrepreneurs demystify exactly what it takes to become a boss using their gifts and use the internet to do it exceptionally well.


Through her “Helpful Stuff for Entrepreneurs” series on YouTube she regularly posts trainings and tips from her and invited guests to help entrepreneurs go from frustrated to freedom to do business in a way that makes sense to them. Be sure to subscribe to stay in the know!


She’s also wildly passionate about helping women own their Unapologetic Dopeness and get laser focused on what’s next in their business.


She’s a seasoned national speaker, delivering her message with a touch of humor and a dose of “kick in the pants” honesty. In her ‘other’ life, she’s a tenured college professor.
A few publications she’s written for include: featured columnist at and she’s written for iCoach magazine and


She really enjoy working with people from all walks of life. her son Julian remains her creative inspiration to express truth, love and unlimited possibility.