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Through this online information hub my mission is to share the most beneficial articles, demos, resources and how-to guides crafted to help service based coaches, speakers, authors and other women entrepreneurs increase their revenue.

You’ll learn to monetize and automate your online sales and marketing, generate high quality leads, create your funnel to attract your ideal client and sell with integrity. 

Everything I put into my blog articles, keynotes and trainings is designed to help women dream a bit bigger, be a little more dope, crush their comfort zone and go farther than they’ve ever gone before.
I‘m committed to helping unapologetically dope women entrepreneurs get their life back as they combine purpose with profit and thrive!
Hi there, I’m Denise Joy, aka, The Profit Professor. I’m a veteran entrepreneur of 24 years. During my career I ran a successful business in the DC area, serving thousands of people.
 For 10 years I’ve coached online and spoken, trained and taught from over 50 stages. I’ve met and helped a ton of people and formed lasting relationships doing something I couldn’t have imagined before, helping people grow their business using the internet. 
A few public highlights of my career are becoming an Amazon best selling co-author, being a featured success story at Jeff Walker’s 2016 Product Launch Live, 3 years as Sales Coach for the Steve Harvey Success Institute and 2 years teaching sales and marketing with Motivating the Masses and receiving the Rising Star Award from Lisa Nichols. 
But my favorite highlights have been working with women who’ve trusted me to help them birth their dreams, rebuilding a healthy loving relationship with me dad and being a mom to my awesome son Julian.
Honestly, i’m just a girl from Omaha who loves to hug trees & people too and I’m committed to shaking up the status quo and helping humanity thrive!
You Deserve to Live an Unapologetically Dope-tastic Life
It doesn’t matter if you’re living that “side-hustle” life and you want to grow your business, or you’re a seasoned coach, speaker and entrepreneur who wants to reignite your dreams, or perhaps a stay at home mom or creative person starting your Esty store… what matters, is everyone, including you, deserves to live a life of freedom and fulfillment making a great living doing what you love.
If you have a computer, internet access and a smart phone you too can go from hopes and dreams, to being a successful entrepreneur! 
It’s. Just. That. Simple.
Will you Fit In? 
Sure you will. And, don’t worry if you’re a tad bit new, the women I’ve helped over the years, range from the Newbie0 to 6 months in business, the Beginner 6 months to 3 years” and the “Seasoned Entrepreneur – 4 to 7 years in business.
Kelly Monroe
Kelly MonroeArtist
"I love your leadership and direction Denise! It's so refreshing in a sea of get rich quick stuff out there. I've done more in 8 days since coming across you to move my launch forward than I've done in 8 months."
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"Denise has the ability to get her head around your product, dissect it, and present it back to you in a way that leaves you wondering did I create the product or did she? That's just how thorough she is!"
Vikki Johnson
Vikki JohnsonThe Mentors Mentor
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"Denise JOY Hart is amazing! I received a REAL plan to execute around brand clarity, product creation and revenue streams."
What to Expect
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  • "Where are They Now" Success Stories
  • The best demos, tools and app recommendations
  • Answers to your most pressing questions
  • Articles that walk you through the "How!"
  • The weekly "Spiritual Entrepreneur Mashup"

Why I Do What I Do

On any platform, I’ve proven myself capable of helping women overcome obstacles that stand in their way. 

However, this wasn’t always the case. I used to be a quitter. Unfocused, bitter, afraid and clueless, I was a “C” average high school student, dropped out of college the first time I went and didn’t return until I was 24 years old. I finally graduated from undergrad when I was 32 and I once considered suicide. But thankfully, my story doesn’t end there. Shifting from a welfare identity to a worth and wealth reality, I transformed my life. 
I know what it means to experience doubt, lack of confidence and uncertainty. And, I also know what it means to overcome those feelings and create a wildly success life with freedom as my core value.
Now, my consulting clients have included some of the top brands in the professional/personal development industry, like Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey ALAS conference, Tina Lifford, Tiphani Montgomery, Bershan Shaw, Patrice Washington, Cheryl Wood, Cozette White, Nikki Klugh Designs, Chereace Richards, Jaida Moore, Vikki Johnson and TeeJ Mercer, just to name a few.
By the way, after 24 years I’ve also gotten pretty darn good at managing the balancing act of having a thriving side hustle AND a thriving career. In my “other” life I’m a real college professor. 

How to Crush your Entrepreneur Goals 

If you’re fairly new to the online entrepreneur world or you’ve been chipping away at things bit by bit for a few years and you’re ready to go bigger as you connect the dots and combine your purpose with profit. I have several ways I can help you crush your business goal pretty quickly. Click here to check out the courses I’ve created to help everyone from beginners to seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Plus, keep coming back to this blog. Every week I’ll post new information to help you achieve your entrepreneur goals! 

You should know that I’m rooting for women just like you and will do everything in my power to help you take leaps and bounds forward in your business.
Let’s link arms, get out there in the world, shake up the status quo, and help humanity thrive!