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Why Host a FREE Purpose. Empowerment. Passion Rally?

“PEP” was born a few weeks ago after I did a facebook live opening up the conversation about “Is there any Integrity Left in the Coaching Industry”. The response has been profound. So far the video has been viewed over 1500 times. I’ve heard from so many fellow coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs who have grown weary of some of the practices in our industry and I admit to being one of the weary ones.This prompted me to be the change I wanted to see in the world and do a little something to give everyone a lift, because…“We shall not get weary in well doing!” The FREE 2019 Entrepreneur PEP Rally launches Monday 2/25. 

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Your Hostess, Denise Joy Hart…

I’m Denise Joy, aka, The Profit Professor, and CEO of Mindset Mojo, LLC. 

I specialize in working with purpose-driven unapologetically dope women entrepreneurs who want their life back. They automate their online marketing, generate high quality lead, sell with integrity and get back to living the freedom based life they desire! 

Ultimately, I help women combine purpose with profit and thrive!

Denise’s free gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:  

5 day FREE challenge “Get Paid to Speak”

 During this FREE training I’m sharing the advanced speaker methods plus the marketing and branding strategies I used to increase my speaking gigs and revenue by 400% in consecutive years.

Favorite Quote: “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon…

Darnyelle is a Business Growth Strategist and the award-winning CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC a business consulting brand. She helps her clients connect messaging and marketing to sales, systems and scale so that they grow a business that serves them financially and spiritually,  shake the planet and fund  the life they crave.

Favorite Quote:  “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope to not have a single bit of talent left saying “I used everything You gave me.”  Irma Bombeck

Darnyelle’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series: 

Unlock Six Figure Cash Flow. Having a six figure business is not the same as having six figure cash flow.  

Join Darnyelle for the 5 shifts she and her clients have made to unlock six figure cash flow without hustling, grinding or slaving in their businesses.

Tish Times…

is known as The Networking & Sales Expert. She focuses on profitable sales and networking. Tish trains sales professionals to communicate confidently, increase income and shorten the sales cycle. In her business Tish says she’s focused on implementation…”I don’t want to ONLY provide sales tips and strategies; I am on a mission to challenge changing business leaders to change their daily habits from time-wasting activities to profit-producing behaviors that skyrocket revenue and create a new normal for entrepreneurs.”
Tish’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series: 10 Sales & Follow-Up Tips to Help You Make $5K FAST by Cultivating Your Current Connections.

Download your complimentary Sales and Follow Up Tip Sheet to:
• Develop a sales and follow-up system that works for you 
• Figure out how to get over the fear of follow-up
• Learn the one thing you must do EVERY DAY to increase your revenue
Favorite quote: You can’t have a booming business if you have a busted life.” – Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Vikki Johnson…

is known as The Mentor’s Mentor. She’s the CEO of Soul Wealth 

Dr. Vikki specializes in mentoring other mentors and leading other leaders to go further faster NOW in their lane of expertise and excellence. This collective momentum is shifting communities globally.

Vikki says..even if you are depleted, discouraged and “done” know that the pilot light still works and is waiting for you to “turn the switch” that re-ignites the flame of your passion!


Vikki’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series: a spot in her inspiring community, the Soul Wealth Circle! 

Understanding the value of sisterhood, Vikki inspires women to a life of clarity.  Get ready for your life to change again! Welcome to SOUL WEALTH with Dr. Vikki!

Remember, “What You Have Left Is Enough”

Favorite quote: “Fill your cup first so that you may serve others from your overflow and not your capacity.”

Zenovia Andrews…

Zenovia Andrews, CEO of MaxOUT Marketing Agency, a team of expert digital marketers and innovators helping companies attract more attention online, build more traffic to websites, improve their reputations, and obtain more conversions.

Zenovia says…“Roll with me long enough and I’ll have you believing ANYTHING is a possibility! 

Zenovia’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:

“All Systems Go” Book – This book will teach you how to create systems that will focus on the one thing we all need most as business people – Cash-flow!

Nikki Klugh…

Known for creating luxurious and sacred spaces, Nikki Njeri Klugh has served hundreds of clients nationwide. She is the principal designer and owner of NIKKI KLUGH DESIGN GROUP, INC based in San Diego, CA.

Nikki is an award winning interior designer, three time best selling author, and has appeared on NBC, San Diego Lifestyles and The American Dream Show. Her incredible work has been featured in publications such as San Diego Home and Garden magazine, FINE Magazine, Discover San Diego, Coastal Homes, Black Southern Belle, and many others.

Nikki’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:

Complimentary 30 minute consultation to help create a Money Space aka Profit Zone. 

Favorite quote:

First we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” —Winston Churchill

TeeJ Mercer…

As a 20+ year Hollywood veteran, TeeJ teaches authors, experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs how to book themselves in the media without a publicist.

TeeJ says… “Unleash your V.O.I.C.E. and Make Some Noise. People are hurting, confused and clueless. Folks are losing sleep over what you can do IN your sleep. Yet, you are sitting quietly on the solution to their problem and are the answer to their prayers. However, you, for whatever reason, are not making noise and owning your genius to serve them. That stops now!”

TeeJ’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:

Download the #1 PR Secret to land INSTANT massive media exposure for your business, book, or brand.

Favorite Quote: “When you know you have the solution to someone’s problem or are the answer to somebody’s prayer, you have a RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SOME NOISE!”

Dr. Taunya Lowe…

is known as ‘The Riot Starter’ is a national and international speaker, trainer, author, podcaster, mindset coach, and consultant. She is the founder and driving force behind the Results-Driven Philosophy and the Riot Starter movement, which consists of programs, products, retreats, and trainings. She is inspirational, transformational, and your partner for individual and organizational success. 

Dr. Lowe’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:

Results Driven Meetings Video Series consisting of 7 videos with tips and techniques to master the dreaded meeting

Favorite Quote: “No one does anything great alone” ~ Mother Teresa

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Keri Murphy…

The CEO and founder of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy is committed to empowering people all over the world to “Dream it. Live it. BE it!” An international speaker, media expert and business mentor, she honed her expertise in the entrepreneurial field for over 20 years, helping others to create—and succeed at—a business they love. Murphy is a television veteran with appearances on MTV, E!, FOX and NBC just to name a few. Her Inspired Living TV web series helps people bridge the gap between having a dream and making it their reality. 

Keri’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:

Be Studio Ready!
The Ultimate “How-To” Guide for Creating High Quality Videos Wherever You Are.

Favorite quote: 

You can’t see the frame when you’re in the picture”- Les Brown

Dr. Ali Griffith… 

Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith is an autism parenting strategist, speech language pathologist, audiologist, and certified coach. Inspired by her son, Zachary, who is on the autism spectrum, she is also a #1 Best Seller of Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance.

Favorite quote: “When you care enough to give your very best, be positive and JUST DO IT”

Dr. Ali’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:

 Live your Ultimate Life Practical Guide (PDF): 15 Secret Tips to Au-mazing Success

Learn 15 practical and “ready to use” success tips on igniting your mindset, passion, productivity and purpose so that you can create the ultimate life you desire.

Dianne Stewart Hamlin…

Dianne Stewart Hamlin is a Spiritual Counselor and Transformational Coach, Author, Teacher, and Ministerial Student at Michael B. Beckwith School of Ministry at the Agape. 

She will assist you to work through challenges, rediscover your true self, and step boldly into living the life you truly desire

Favorite Quote: “Success is not measured by the amount of money that you make, it is measured by the positive impact that you have in the world and the number of lives to help to change for the better.” ~ Dianne Stewart Hamlin

Famira Green…

Famira is a Creative Brand Strategist, International Best-Selling Author and Speaker who infuses soul, strategy, and storytelling to co-create inspiring brand empires with her clients.

Favorite Quote: “Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.” 
~ Stephen Covey

Famira’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series:  

Action guide: “6 Things Your Soul Tribe Wishes You Knew About Brand Storytelling!” 

Storytelling is an imperative part of branding that allows you to connect to our soul tribe on an emotional level in this action guide I give you 6 things to keep in mind when crafting your stories.

Kearn Cherry…

Kearn Cherry, Co-Owned PRN Home Care for 22 years. Co-founder of Success Women’s Conference which produced over 1100 participants in 2018.  Host/executive producer of “Unwrinkled Heart Caregivers’ Journeys”.

Kearn is passionate about using the power of networking to build strong relationships while working the room.

Kearn’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series: 

How to build relationships that lead to successful collaborations.

Favorite quote: 

“If a door is close, find another one, go around to the back door or create a new one!  But never give up.  What GOD has for you no one can take!”  

Tai Goodwin…

Tai teaches high-achieving experts and entrepreneurs how to create, market, and sell high-ticket signature programs and online courses.

She serves experts and entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and show up as Trailblazers and leaders in the personal and professional development space.

Tai’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series: 

5 Keys to Developing Your High-Ticket Signature System

Favorite quote: 

“Bright women hold onto labels. Brilliant women refuse to label themselves or their situation. Instead we ask better questions and show up expecting answers.”

Jena Proctor…

Jena works with driven and purpose-filled online brands who want to reach more people and make more impact with their content.

Jena helps online brands gain quality leads through the power of Pinterest. She helps them escape the social media rat race and build a business they love again!

Jena’s gift to you once you register for the complete FREE PEP Rally series: 

5 Days to a Pinterest Account that Makes You Cash

Favorite Quote: “Success is not the key to  happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” ~ Albert Schweitzer 

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